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Sometimes we can't save a tooth due to it being already lost or too infected. That's when an extraction becomes your best option.

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You might need your tooth or teeth pulled if: 

  • It is abscessed
  • Your teeth are too crowded
  • Your tooth has died or is beyond saving
  • You don’t have enough bone to support the tooth
  • Your tooth has broken off too much below the gumline
  • You have an existing, failed treatment with continuous pain
  • You have a vertical root fracture that goes under the gums
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Different Types of Extractions

There are different types of tooth extractions. The one that’s used will depend on what the problem is. Infections can make surgery more complicated. And sometimes you’ll need antibiotics for a couple of days before the tooth is pulled. This is to help calm down the tissues surrounding the tooth.

  • Simple Extractions - When your tooth has fully erupted and the dentist can easily remove it, such as a front tooth
  • Surgical Extraction - When your tooth has fully erupted but is in a more difficult location, such as the back of your mouth
  • Wisdom Teeth Extractions
  • Removal due to Decay, Disease, or Trauma

In all cases, the dentist will give you a local anesthetic to prevent pain. 

After removing your tooth, your bone now has a hole where the tooth once was.  Our dentists encourage the use of bone grafts. This makes sure your bone will get stronger and gives you more options for the replacement of your tooth.

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