About Us

$99 Dental Exam with X-Ray included!

Our Priority
We understand the importance of oral health and the urgency of receiving emergency dental treatment. Our priority is to quickly diagnose your dental issue, address your pain, discomfort, and/or infection, and promptly recommend a treatment plan that best suits your dental needs. In seeking immediate treatment, you can prevent more complicated and expensive dental concerns and be on your way to smiling again!

Available 365 Days A Year
Dental Care 24/7 has a one-of-a-kind, collaborative model with our medical urgent care clinic at Urgent Care 24/7. This allows the medical team to quickly and more thoroughly address your emergency dental pain, discomfort, and/or infection with great convenience, 365 days a year! The collaboration with the medical clinic and their availability during unconventional hours, and ability to expedite your road to recovery, makes us uniquely accessible when you need us most!

We Are An Out-of-Network, Direct-Pay Provider
Out-of-network, or Direct-Pay providers, do not bill insurance and do not receive funding from government or other third party payers. The Provider is paid directly by the patient and the patient is given an itemized receipt and paperwork so that they can submit to their dental carrier for direct reimbursement. This means that you pay for the treatment up front, ensuring you get the treatment you need at an affordable and transparent price with no third-party billing involved to inflate costs. You will never be surprised by a bill at a later date.  
Benefits of Direct-Pay
Our Providers have no pressure from insurance-based models. With no constraints to reach criteria for reimbursements from insurance companies, we offer superior delivery of service and better comprehensive patient care. We have the ability to treat patients' chief health concerns and do what is in the patients best interest, not what the insurance company dictates. We are patient focused, concentrating on more one-on-one time with you, and we are not incentivized to see more patients for less time to maximize profit. We work for you, not the insurance company. Your health is our priority!

We offer full transparency during you visit. You’ll receive no unexpected bills. Although your dental exam and x-ray starts at $99, extra recommended services may increase your payment responsibility. If at any point you feel unclear about recommendations, our Dental Care 24/7 Staff and Providers will gladly answer any questions you may have.

YOU are in charge of your health needs.

Is Direct-Pay Right For You?

Many patients with dental insurance meet their yearly maximum with just one major procedure and an average of two routine visits. This can leave patients with additional dental care needs that won’t be covered. All too often, patients split up needed treatment over time to have their insurance pay for it. The risk of delaying necessary treatment increases the likelihood of developing more complicated and expensive dental issues. You should be in control of your dental care decisions and you deserve treatment at an affordable price.

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Addressing your dental pain, discomfort, and/or infection immediately helps in preventing more complicated and expensive dental issues.

Our unique collaboration with our urgent medical care center allows us to be available to you 365 days a year! We’re here for you and your emergency dental needs.

Expediting your road to recovery, providing superior service, and offering affordable options is our priority.

By not using insurance companies, our direct-pay clinics can:
  • Treat you properly based on your needs
  • Focus their time and energy on treating you 
  • Get rid of the barriers most people have when they allow insurance to dictate their treatment

Many Ways to Pay for Your Visit

Our goal at Dental Care 24/7 is to provide excellent service and treatment to anyone who walks through our doors.

We are an out-of-network, direct-pay health care clinic. This allows for superior delivery of service and better, more personalized comprehensive care, while passing on savings to our patients. If you currently have dental benefits, we will provide you with the necessary paperwork to submit to your dental carrier for direct reimbursement.  You will never be surprised by a bill weeks after your visit.

We also offer 3rd party financing options to help ease the immediate financial burden some treatment plans can bear. To explore our payment plan and financing options, click below!

We are happy to assist you in determining which payment plan or financing option works best for you.